"I had a great experience working with Lotoya. She was able to bring warmth, empathy, and a clear perspective to a challenging situation in my life. Through her support and inquiry, she was able to help me understand the root of the issue, identify and mobilize internal and external resources to support me in taking action, and provide effective encouragement and accountability to help me create and stick with a plan for lasting change. I would definitely recommend Lotoya as a therapist or coach to anyone going through a difficult time or seeking to make positive changes in their life!"

Beth, Social Worker

"Lotoya offered a comfortable environment where I felt free and open to speak. Her approach is a no judgment zone where she engages your expressions to help you to dissect each layer of your difficulties. Lotoya offers various settings to approach your time with her with clear objectives. My 6 weeks attending her popular group sessions offered me personal awareness allowing me to take away positive viewpoints from other attendees. Thank you Lotoya. I would highly recommend your services!"

Shelia, Event Planner

"Before I met Lotoya I was so confused about my career interests and taking the next step. After a few coaching sessions we were able to establish goals based on my strengths. She provided guidance and helped me build confidence in myself. Thank you Lotoya for helping me determine my destiny as a successful executive. I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their performance careers to Clear Connections Coaching."


Christina, Director of New Business

"I recently did hypnotherapy sessions with Lotoya, and I have to say her sessions worked wonders. She is extremely knowledgeable, very attentive, and has an overall positive and uplifting demeanor. I found her solutions/results oriented style of therapy refreshing and just what I needed. I highly recommend seeing Lotoya!"

Yanique, Cosmetics

"I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with Lotoya Charles. I came into our sessions with the goals of making sense of some of my recurring relationship issues as well as working on my self worth and confidence. I can say with 100% certainty that in our time working together I have experienced profound positive growth in these areas of focus.

Lotoya is an incredibly insightful counselor, and has been able to give me very helpful clarity on issues I've been dealing with my entire life. The exercises we've done together have been, very literally, life-changing and have allowed me to let go of resentments and limiting beliefs that I've lived with for years. I feel empowered by the tools and strategies she's provided me with to deal with my personal challenges, and I have left every meeting feeling that I am making positive changes to my life and moving forward on the path of personal growth and fulfillment.

Working with Lotoya has been one of the best decisions I've made recently, and I would (and have) recommend her services to friends and loved ones seeking to improve their relationship, career, and psychological wellbeing!"



Gabrielle, Actor

"I first met Latoya when I attended one of her monthly women's groups. I learned so much from that group and got a great energy from Latoya so I decided to work with her one on one. She has a positive energy about her and is a great therapist! I appreciate her "homework assignments" and the questions she asks you to think about over the week. I highly recommend Latoya if you're looking for positive change in your life or going through a tough situation."


Carli, Program Director

"Lotoya is very caring, attentive, and helpful throughout the entire process. She has helped me come to the realization that I have the ability to be anxiety free and that I am, now, anxiety free. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to be their best self and is looking for an experienced person to help that they could call a friend."

Jake, Comedian


"I came across Lotoya Charle's workshop by chance and although I felt some initial trepidation she just blew me away. Her candor, skills and deep knowing of her craft is uncanny. Lotoya is a woman with a deep understanding of the psyche and the subconscious mind. I felt at ease with her at once, and that has never been easy. The work she has done and continues to do with uncovering old patterns, dogma and unconscious burdens in our daily lives is above and beyond. I look forward to working with her again in the very near future. We worked very deeply in our Hypnosis session and there hasn't been anyone who got deeply into my way of thinking and receiving as she has done. I applaud her dedication and her genuine desire to help people elevate and be inspired. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work towards a better self."


Eleana, Yoga Teacher


"I’ve been working with Lotoya for roughly 6 months and I can’t fathom how I was managing before meeting her. Her approach and candor are unmatched. In such a short time frame, she has assisted me in becoming the best me. I look forward to our continued work."

Melissa, Supervisor


"Lotoya is such a good listener, interpreter and guider. It's been an amazing experience working with her and improving my life through various tactics and exercises. She also hosts different events to bring the community together and it's a beautiful concept and time when connecting!"


Vruti, Project Manager


"Lotoya Charles helped me figure out a very tough and transitional period in my life. It's very hard for me to open up but she made it easy. She truly listened and offered very practical advice. She helped me with my self-esteem issues and dealing with family and career blocks. I'm a better person thanks to her."


Zainab, Graphic Designer

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