Individual Coaching/Counseling

Healthy, happy relationships are an essential part of our lives. We feel a sense of fulfillment when we feel a sense of love and connection to others. Unfortunately, many of us did not have healthy, happy relationships modeled to us growing up, making it difficult for us to create those relationships for ourselves. Despite trying to make a change, we may continue to find ourselves stuck, repeating the same cycles and patterns.

A huge part of my work is helping clients develop an understanding of how their internal belief systems (including their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth) impact the choices they make in different areas of their life, including relationships. In addition to shifting the underlying beliefs and healing the past, we will also redefine what a healthy relationship looks like for you and how to move into alignment with your ideal relationship.

Group Coaching/Counseling

Many of the cycles and patterns in your life have been repeating themselves for years. And even though they did not start with you, they can end with you. Are you ready to break the cycle?


Over the course of 6 weekly sessions, you will dive deep to explore issues around trust, communication, self-esteem, boundaries and much more in the context of your friendships, romantic relationships, parental relationships and most importantly, your relationship with yourself. 

This group combines talk therapy, coaching, guided meditations, journaling exercises, hypnosis and other healing modalities to help you uncover the fears, blocks and limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from moving forward, being happy and having the relationships desire the relationships you deserve. 


Only 6 spots available. The next group begins on June 25, 2020.



Breaking the Cycle: 6 Week Group

Unapologetically Me | Monthly Women's Group


For many of us, when we are dealing with a problem, our means of coping is to isolate. We feel that we are alone or that the people around us don’t understand.


Unapologetically Me Women’s Group creates a space for you to form genuine connections with other women while also having meaningful conversations around issues and challenges you are experiencing in different areas of life. Each group focuses on a different topic, ranging from self-esteem, coping with depression, dealing with loss, dating, goal setting, and much more.


This group will provide an opportunity for you to hear and learn from women who can relate to your experiences, while also allowing you to receive the support and direction you need to heal, move forward and achieve your goals.


Most people are aware of their problems. The challenge is being able to work through those problems in order to achieve long-lasting results.


If you’ve ever tried to change a thought, belief or behavior on your own, you know how difficult, frustrating and time consuming the process of change can be. You may have even tried affirmations, therapy, reiki or other healing modalities, which may have worked to a certain degree or for a certain period of time, but eventually, you may have found yourself reverting back to old behavior. There are often many layers to any one issue. And when we find ourselves stuck or unable to move forward, that is usually an indication that we have not gotten deep enough to the root cause.

The range of mental, emotional and physical issues we are dealing with, ranging from depression, anxiety, PTSD, asthma, and diabetes, are often coming from our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind stores all our memories, programming, habits, fears, and beliefs. During hypnosis, it is possible to communicate directly with the subconscious mind, making hypnosis an extremely powerful and effective technique for permanent change.

Unfortunately, we have all been programmed, from the time we were young, by the people and experiences we had growing up. Over time, we repress, suppress or just forget about many of those experiences, but it is those experiences that impact our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Through hypnosis, you can eliminate the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears, blocks and habits that no longer serve you and reprogram yourself for things you actually want – success, happiness, confidence, health, sleep, wealth, and more. The mind is so much more powerful than most people realize!

Soul Healing

In today’s culture there is a tendency to focus on the physical aspect of an illness or ailment without taking into consideration the entire person. There is a huge connection between the mind, body and spirit and oftentimes physical, mental and emotional issues are the manifestation of deeper issues that have been unresolved and unaddressed. 


These issues can manifest as a deep sense of sadness or emptiness (sometimes without an apparent cause), feelings of anxiety, feelings of dissociation, feelings of not belonging or not being good enough, feelings of fatigue (despite getting a normal amount of sleep), feeling connected to someone from the past, feeling stuck, ungrounded and/or unable to move forward.

Soul healing combines any combination of inner child healing, regression, soul retrieval, reiki/white light healing, chakra balancing and cord cutting in order to help clients return to a state of wholeness and balance from within.

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